Here is how Island Art Glass is responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 Update


At Island Art Glass we care about the health and well-being of our friends, co-workers, community and our environment. With the advent of COVID-19, we all have had to learn quickly and make positive changes in response.

Since we are located in Washington State, one of the entry points of the pandemic here, we have been adjusting for some time. Changes we have made include:


Are We Open? 

Our glass studio is not operating full time, and is closed to the public, to protect our co-workers.

We have launched this much-awaited website in order to reach out to our longtime customers and to inspire new ones to order online with us!

We are now open on a Phase II limited basis, requiring a visit with gloves and masks, and a party of 5 people or less. You are welcome to call ahead and reserve a time exclusively for you and your guests. Open: Weekdays by appointment. Saturdays 10-4, Sundays 11-4. We clean surfaces prior to your visit and after, and also clean product to the same standard before packing.


What Precautions are We Taking? 

We have a good inventory on hand, as early in the year prior to the arrival of COVID-19, we were in the studio building inventory for our summer shows and festivals.

In preparing your order for shipping, we incorporate the safety advisories from Washington State and the CDC. When we pack an order, we are gloved, masked, using antibacterial hand wipes, and clean your glass with a disinfectant spray.

The packing material and boxes will ordinarily be in transit longer than the CDC data suggests a viable virus exists on these surfaces. However, we ourselves handle items shipped to us with caution, and encourage you to do so also. We wear gloves and mask, and carefully discard all packing materials.


Unanswered Questions? 

Please feel welcome to send us an email with your questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

We are staying at home, cooking our meals and cleaning, looking after ourselves and senior friends who can use help with grocery shopping or rides. It is much quieter here in our community, and we relish every moment of nature each day. Our vegetable garden is in, something we haven’t had the time to pursue in years!

As we master the new website, we will look forward to finding new ways to share our work with you and keep in touch!

As always, we delight in the creative ways you have shared in photos how our glass becomes a part of your home, garden or office! We hope to include your images to inspire others as well.

With much appreciation, be well and stay safe!

Janis Swalwell and Robert Adamson