Here is how Island Art Glass is responding to COVID-19

Made in USA

We are proud to be a part of the 1960s and 1970s American Craft renaissance.  Through the influence and vision of the American Craft Council, who created the first national marketplace focused on makers of fine craft and art, our generation thrived, built strong communities and connections with other contemporary craft makers nationally. Museums and educational institutions began to take “craft” seriously, and the lines drawn between traditional definitions of fine art and craft have been well-challenged and often redrawn since then.

Those early shows were for many of us, our schooling in becoming professional business entrepreneurs. We were learning by doing, often by the seat of our intuition and with as much grit as we could muster. 

Made by Hand in the USA is something to be proud of. Our generation has launched the next several generations of makers, and have left them with more resources and know-how than were available to us when we started.

Many offerings of gratitude to the patrons and buyers of this work, the people who attend shows and festivals in our communities, the intrepid galleries, the visionary community leaders who see the value and future of art-inspired environments and do their part to give it long life and support.

Thank you.

Demonstration at Seattle Center, 1971