Here is how Island Art Glass is responding to COVID-19


To make it easy to layout and design with our glass in your garden, we offer custom stands for arrangements, for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, we can ship 12” 3/8” diameter rebar garden stakes, or our 2-part, 3/8” diameter, 36” steel rod garden stake. Both do not flag oversize pricing for shipping. We paint these items with flat black Rustoleum, so they come to you without rusty markings.

What we like about our garden stakes is their simplicity of use. Tap them into the soil with a hammer until it is firm and the height you envision. Gently place the glass item on its copper pipe over the stake. There it is! When you want to change the location or height because the garden is always growing, it is easy to remove the garden stake and revise.

You can take the glass in for winter, and leave the stakes in place!

Need more garden stakes? Your local hardware store should have the 3/8” diameter rebar in stock, often in precut lengths.

Stand + Garden Stakes Collection