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Spring heralds the return of many migratory birds to our island - beginning with swallows, osprey, raptors, goldfinch, robins, and the elusive townsend’s warbler in forest uplands…soon all manner of ducks are nesting! Lately quail have been heard in the underbrush. Kingfishers can be seen darting into wetland waters and the virginia rail may be heard in deeper cattail borders. The brown pelican has returned to our inner bays, and oystercatchers begin nesting in the cliffs! Ravens vie with eagles and redtail hawks for territory, while the acrobatic marsh hawk zips through the trees in search of prey.

Such abundant bird life inspires quite a few of our handblown and sculpted birds.You will discover chickens & roosters, mallard ducks, quail, ravens, stellar jays, owls, and great blue heron, while an east coast cardinal slips in along with Australian cockatoos!

You will note that we can offer either single birds with garden stakes, or multiple birds on custom metal stands. 

Birds Collection